Artketing in the fashion and luxury industry

Date: 2024-04-17 12:00
Place: B17 Luxembourg
Localisation: 17 Rue du Nord, 2229 Ville-Haute Luxembourg



Over the years, a new strategic approach, known as artketing, has emerged to shape and differentiate luxury brands in an intensely competitive market.
How is artmarketing making its way into the fashion and luxury industry, and business in general?
What is artketing?
Art marketing as a differentiation strategy for companies.

Stéphanie Breydel de Groeninghe Art historian and archaeologist

Stéphanie Breydel de Groeninghe is an art historian and archaeologist, holding a diploma as an antiquarian expert and art dealer. She has dual expertise in ancient art and contemporary art. She collaborated with gallery owners before joining AXA Art, then Hiscox for Private Clients and Art for Europe.


12:00 – 14:00 Workshop & lunch


50€ conference & walking lunch drinks included