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Date: 2024-05-23 12:00
Localisation: 17 Rue du Nord, 2229 Ville-Haute Luxembourg


Tahar Slimani CEO of Digital Equity

Tahar SLIMANI has been a fervent explorer and practitioner of the digital domain since his beginnings. He studied at the Faculty of Economic Sciences in Poitiers, where he obtained a DESS in economic development and regional planning.

His encounter with the Internet dates back to 1993, a revolutionary era that laid the foundations for the digital highway we travel on today.

He had the privilege of coordinating the first digital city project in France, a pioneering initiative to experiment with the concept of the information society.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, he spent several years shaping the sector, before moving to Luxembourg in 2017 where he created a fund dedicated to Web3.

He will share with you the technological developments that have shaped the web since its inception and explore the infinite possibilities of tomorrow’s internet.

If terms like Blockchain, Tokenisation, NFT, AI, Digital Assets and DeFi seem obscure, by the end of this talk they will be part of your everyday vocabulary.

He invites you to join him on an adventure that will not only define the future of our interaction with technology, but will also shape the foundations of our society.

Conference : from WEB 1 to WEB 3


18h00 – 18h15 Reception & welcome drink
18h15 – 19h15 Conference
19h15 – 20h00 Offered drink & Networking

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